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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dapatkah aku putik kan menjadi bunga...? Kiranya cuaca sering gerhana.....Dapatkah kasih bersemi selamanya.....Ataupun aku harus berserah kepadaNyaYang Maha Esa....Mestikah ada satu perngorbanan.....Sehingga terjadinya perpisahan.Kiranya itu satu permintaan.Perlukah kau dan ku merelakan.....Kita hanya insan yang selalu mengharpkan.Suatu yang indah dalam percintaan,Di kala tiba dugaan mendatang.Aku kau tinggalkan....Karam aku di lautan duka.Bila wajahmu hilang di mataTiada berita pengubat rindu...Di kala senduKubiarkan luka di hati berdarah.Sehingga kering dimamah mentari....Apakah salahkuDisakiti begini...Perlukah aku terus mengharapkan....Camar yang hilang kembali ke sarang.Apakah masih ada kerinduan...Yang tersimpan di hatimu sayang...

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

My words for my girl..

Tell her how you admire her...
Always tell her you love her at all times...
When she upset,hold her tight...
Play with her hair...
Tickle her and make her happy always..
Tell her jokes,make her laugh..
Bring her flowers just because you love her so much...
Hold her hands and runs everywhere...
Throw pebbles at her window at night...
Let her fall asleep in your arms...
Sing to her no matter how awful you sound..
Get her mad at you,then kiss her...
If she's crying,wipe her tears n kiss her cheek.
When she sad,stay on the phone with her even she's not saying anythin..
Dance with her even there's no music...
Kiss her at her forehead and tell her how much you love her..
And when you fall in love with her, just tell her....

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i've been in Temasek poly for almost 2 yrs..alhamdulillah,i've made alot of new peeps especially in Engine Sch. I still remember the day i first step into tp,i didnt know anyone there,not even one.I was like an unwelcome student who has been stared by those newly freshly students over there.i was wondering"did i do something wrong or do my presence irritate their eyes??tsk,tsk.."i lived in the west and my previous schs mates were mostly sch in the west area.so im the only 1 left out,isolated in this deserted place. i've made my decision to change a new life in my new sch.what i've done wrong in the past i wouldnt do it again in my new sch.To my newly friends,all the noobs and my gd frens"plz for god sake,make me part of your life,make me smile everyday,tickle my heart when im down..dun let sadness control my life.fuck,i hate to be alone,".Friends come and go,but for you guys,i wouldnt let it go. let bygone be bygone...
God.."Have faith on me,get me back on my own track.those ppl around me,i wish u all bez of luck in your life.".....

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i'm sorry that i put you in the picture,kinda reminds me of the way we are,the way we lie and victimize ourself.i nail my hands down just to feel the way she felt.i can feel the ground beneath my feet.i can't handle anything that you say to me and i pray that it's possible for us to rebirth.But now its over,there's no turning back for me...you just take my words and walk away from my sight,DUN EVER COME BACK TO ME coz i dun need you!...but what can i say?i love the way she hates me..i've bled for you in the past and now you bled for me.you know i'll love you so much after we've come together and gone over the power we've chased.i think i'm way too late.my hate's taken my place... say goodbye to me dear, i've got a new soul to steal...

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